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16 August 2013 @ 03:55 pm

Public entries: fics, doujinshi scans, the occasional rant about writing in general.
Friends Only entries: RL stuff, random thoughts that pop into my head, videos, ranty rant-rants, drunken posts and the occasion kitten post. :D

Comment to be added. So long as you're not a dick, we'll get along just fine. 

- Yina

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Fandom: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire 
Title:  99 Roblems, but Theon ain't one
Pairing: Robb/Theon.
Word Count: ~5,800
Rating:  M

SummaryModern AU. In which Robb's a mellow drunk, Theon sort of goes along with it, and somewhere along the way, Robb's car is christened.

Warnings: sex, gratuitous use of the word 'fuck', boys being pissed to the eyeballs, boys smoking cigarettes, 101 metaphors, pop culture references, and Theon getting psychoanalyzed.

It"s not a RobblemCollapse )

Fandom: Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice and Fire Boy
Title:  Lies, or maybe Truth 
Pairing: Robb/Theon.
Word Count: ~7,900. Split into two even though I have no clue why because it's less than 10k, but OH WELL. HTML hates me. 
Rating:  M

SummaryRobb, Theon, and the illusion of intimacy.

STOP! Have you read part 1? If not, go back one post. XD

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Fandom: Game of Thrones
Title:  Lies, or maybe Truth 
Pairing: Robb/Theon.
Word Count: ~7,900. Split into two even though I have no clue why because it's less than 10k, but OH WELL. HTML hates me. 
Rating:  M

Summary: Robb, Theon, and the illusion of intimacy.

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30 December 2011 @ 12:16 am
Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year! (Well, we’re almost there, so... it counts, right?). School's out, so I'm just at the beginning of a two month winter break. Most of which will probably be spent sitting on my ass all day playing Skyrim. But, well. Fandom isn't really all that fun for me these days, for various reasons. (Not leaving entirely, though!).

I didn't manage to write any specific Christmas fics this time, but I do have something to post, an original fic drabble. It's a drabble set in Aki and my original verse (brief background under cut!), feedback is loved, and etc. etc. I also think that Aki is posting another drabble in the same verse with the same characters today, but they're independent of each other. Chronologically, this one takes place before Aki's drabble, but both can be understood without the other.

(untitled demonslayer fic)
Rating: T, no warnings
Word count: 2,332
About: A rogue demon slayer and his new pet companion, a half-breed fire demon. A prequel to the actual story.  (...Yes, we both wrote drabbles for this verse and waited to upload them more or less simultaneously. That's how we roll.)


Fandom: Code Geass
Title: other boy
Pairing: Suzaku/C.C.
Word Count: 11,000 / 20,000 overall
Rating: NC-17 for sex, language, mature content, angst, etc, etc

SummaryThere was The Boy, and then there was the other boy. Dysfunction, co-dependency, affection. A happy ending? Possibly. Post-series. 

Chapter 1

( Link to ff.net because it's too long to post on LJ, and also I am lazy )
25 November 2011 @ 06:39 pm
In the interest of my being fucking bored out of my mind, but too spiritually drained to warp that boredom into creativity and actually fucking write, I figured I'd do something somewhat productive but still-not-so-productive-as-to-threaten-my-last-few-brain-cells-cowering-at-the-back-of-my-skull, and after much deliberation (and the survival of a 3-hour Macroeconomics class), I decided to review the anime I'm currently following.

So. I am currently following Persona 4, Chihayafuru, Guilty Crown, and Mirai Nikki. I watched all the first episodes of this season's animu, and deemed those four good enough to follow (or, in some cases, lulz enough to follow), but I think I might download the batch for Un-Go and/or Fate/Zero after they've finished airing. Not sure.

In any case, impressions and review for P4 under cut. I was going to include impressions for the other three as well, before I realized I was really fucking tired, so maybe later.

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Fandom: Code Geass
Title: Passion Pizza
Pairings:  Suzaku/Lelouch, eventually.
Word Count: 10,500 this chapter, 35,000-ish overall.
Rating: T so far.
Summary: Lelouch promises to no longer be stingy with C.C.'s pizza expenses when he meets the local pizza boy. Suzaku/Lelouch, pizza boy!AU. WIP.

To Read: ( on ff.net here )

10 July 2011 @ 01:15 am

I'M ALIVE!!!!!!!!

Um, still alive and still in fandom and everything, guys. Just got eaten by RPing and before that, it was final exams... and then I start work on Tuesday, so I'm pretty much all over the place right now, eh....
Fic updates will come eventually, though. And yes, I am fine! Even though the kink meme pisses me off a bit lately, lol. Regardless. I'll be around, and perhaps try to post a bit more often here. I'm really on plurk much more often these days (every day?). Some of you should consider getting a plurk!! Or tell me your plurk address if you have one and haven't told me yet. I find plurk such a more convenient method to keep up with friends than LJ.
.... Um. Yeah. *scratches back of her head in embarrassment*
25 April 2011 @ 09:00 pm

First things first:

Yina = now single.

...You know what that means, guys...?


(I'm serious. Doesn't still mean I'm sort of heartbroken. It was break-up over text message, too. Can't take the distance, don't see each other enough, blah-di-blargh-bluh. The usual, is all I can say. >_< ... I'm... bitter (and jumped Aki about this on Google Chat - sorry hon lol), but I'm... better. I'll live. I have other interests now, and my (now) ex isn't the center of my life. I have school, I have my friends, I have my family, I have my fandom - all of these things are important, and some of them are more important than he ever was. But. Sucks getting dumped.

...Oh well.


...In the mean time, have a meme. It's always distracting to talk about sex. Thank the universe for the existence of LOLsex. Seriously.

Taken from quite a few people on my f-list. Things I've written in bold. (Also, the conclusion will invariably be, "LOL YINA IS SURPRISINGLY VANILLA." Yes, I am. I'm surprised, too. XD Things I've written in bold).

My Vanilla CardCollapse )
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